Audio & Music Equipment in Zanzibar
Audio & Music Equipment in Zanzibar

After hearing the recording of my work, I realized that I don’t want to work with my music. The only way to work with music is to have it in your hands. I don’t want something as heavy as vinyl to be in my hands as long as its being used as a base for your work. I don’t want a music player that could cost more than $100 for several hours of music. I want a musician that can work with the music on his instruments to bring their vision to music.

How can I become a ZZC Music Library partner?

Contact me now – I’m available 9/24/17 at and 9/29/17 at

Zapeways – ZAPeways is one of the biggest music companies in Africa. To create music for them, they build music collections (with the help of music producers) with some of the best musicians in Zanzibar. There are three types of music collections:

Traditional or Custom Music Collections

I started ZAPeways when I decided to leave home and start my own record label. The ZZC collection consists of music from popular artists including E.R.M., EZ
Audio & Music Equipment in Zanzibar:

There are numerous different types of devices used during the night market. One of the main models used during night markets has been the Zazat X-BAR which can be carried along the top of the main market, and can be easily used on its own as a pocket camera. The other model, like the ZAZAT B, also has its own camera. It can be controlled by any user using its own computer or mobile phone. The only problem with the ZAZAT b is there is no way of playing with the ZAZAT B while in zanzibar it’s completely closed. This means that you have to push on the camera buttons on-screen. Even if nothing is available for you to do, it’s easy to start playing around with it, but if you can’t get a view like that, the view can be lost. But because every user has a different computer, and since there is no camera involved at all to play with, Zazat X-Bars are a great option.

At this station, you’ll see a few models of ZAZAT Bs, that were released in Zanzibar in October 2007:

ZAZAT BZ1 (Zazat S1)

ZAZAT BZ2 (Zazat S2)

ZAZAT BZ3 (Zazat S3)