Victory Point Games Launches Thunder in the East Kickstarter

Frank Chadwick’s ETO is an exciting new multi-wargame series covering WW2 in Europe at the Corps unit/weekly game turn level. With its roots in Frank Chadwick’s classic introductory wargame Battle for Moscow, it is packed with the kind of clever gameplay that he is legendary for. If you remember the sheer fun you had playing new wargames back in High School or College, those feelings come flooding back when you play Thunder in the East.

Thunder in the East (TitE) is the first volume in the Frank Chadwick’s ETO series of games that mate to cover all of WWII in Europe. TitE covers the Russian Front from 1941-1944 and has evolved, fully grown, from its humble antecedents (Including The Arduous Beginning, Target: Leningrad, and Objective: Kiev). We have had Thunder in the East (and the other ETO games in this series) on our playtest tables for some years now, and so are confident that you will be appraising a well-developed and rigorously tested “mini-monster” wargame in the best traditions of a Frank Chadwick design.

Check out the project live on Kickstarter right now. The game has already funded within the first day and is working to unlock stretch goals, so don’t miss out!

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