Secrets of the Lost Station Kickstarter Enters Final Week


“Like an RPG meets a Choose Your Own Adventure book in a Board Game – with Cthulhu in space!”

SPRINGFIELD, NJ – August 22, 2017 – Today, with one week remaining Everything Epic has returned from the mega gaming convention Gen Con with its brand new smash hit board game! They’re proudly calling out to all fans of Sci-Fi and Lovecraft to back their Kickstarter campaign for Secrets of the Lost Station! The new sci-fi action-adventure cooperative game with miniatures from Everything Epic (Publishers of Big Trouble in Little China the Game, Rambo: the Board Game, Secrets of the Lost Tomb). Game designed by Jim Samartino (Secrets of the Lost Tomb) and Chris Batarlis (Big Trouble in Little China the Game, Metal Dawn, and Secrets of the Lost Tomb)

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About “Secrets of the Lost Station”

“Secrets of the Lost Station” is an original sci-fi cooperative board game by Everything Epic. The game was spawned from its predecessor, Secrets of the Lost Tomb, the “Indiana Jones/Librarians-inspired” pulp action adventure. It’s an immersive and thematic, cooperative, storytelling adventure game tasking 1-6 players with the great responsibility of protecting the universe by watching over an ancient and mysterious space station.

The game takes you right into the saga and the action with its new story over a millennium into the future.  All the races of the galaxy are fighting over control of the Station, and it’s up to you and your team to keep it safe. You must harness its power to take down giant creatures of Lovecraftian nightmare hunting the Station through space and time all lead by Sil’ahan, the Empress of R’lyeh.

The Kickstarter is running for one more week and backers are invited to join in and receive an EPIC amount of content. From over a hundred highly detailed and unique miniatures, to the XXL-sized boss creature minis, to the all new compelling storyline, and the modern cooperative gameplay, backers should jump in with confidence.

For more information and to back us on Kickstarter, please visit our Kickstarter page.

About Everything Epic

Founded in 2013, by President Chris Batarlis and VP Jim Samartino, Everything Epic is an independent tabletop game publishing and design company. Chris is the lead game developer and Jim is the lead art director while both share design and business responsibilities. As a team, we pride ourselves in creating high-quality and immersive gaming experiences that inspire memorable moments and bring people together. Some of our other upcoming titles include Big Trouble in Little China: the Game (Available for Pre-order now), Rambo: the Board Game (Kickstarter January 2018) and the “Secrets of the Lost Tomb”.


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