Gridstones: Night Sky Live on Kickstarter Now

An elegant pattern-matching puzzle game of strategy and visualization, for 2-6 players. May the stars align for you. Projects of Earth.

Gridstones: Night Sky is a beautiful, elegant, and gripping game of strategy and visualization. Set in the night sky and featuring 49 of the modern constellations, the game is more engaging and entertaining than ever.

This abstract strategy and puzzle game is quick, thought-provoking, easy-to-learn and can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels, ages 7 and up. Gridstones is great for casual players, and especially in its two-player mode, is perfect for more serious gamers who enjoy a quick strategic challenge.

On their turn, players place (or remove) Star Stones on (or from) the Sky Board to create a match to the pattern on Constellation Card(s) in their hand. But be careful, opponents will be trying to match their cards too, and the board will change with every turn.

Though the core of Gridstones: Night Sky is quick to pick up, it’s not a game that is easy to master. The more you play, the better you will become at seeing patterns and visualizing how to strategize your play. The game adapts to whoever is playing – a nice light game for casual players, or a high-strategy game for more serious gamers.

Other exciting additions to Gridstones: Night Sky include:

  • fresh new design;
  • real astrophotography;
  • special Shooting Star cards which give players an added element of strategy and control; and
  • beautiful synthetic Sapphire Star stones.

Real Sapphire Star stones are among the rarest and most valuable precious stones on earth, and these synthetic gems are the perfect complement to this elegant game.

Gridstones: Night Sky just launched and has 28 days to go, with stretch goals planned to upgrade your gaming experience. If you’re looking for a simple to play, yet challenging to master abstract game, this is one to back!

Check out Gridstones: Night Sky on their Kickstarter Page.


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