Burden of Command from Green Tree Games

In his latest blog post, Green Tree Games project lead Luke Hughes gives us a run down of the board game inspirations behind an incredibly ambitious digital game project currently in production, called Burden of Command. What makes this game so intriguing and ambitious, is its determination to break the mold of the standard tactical wargame, turning it into a tactical RPG, with you in command.

The digital effort takes its game play cues from a multitude of classic board wargames; Squad Leader, Fields of Fire, Ambush, Combat Commander, Band of Brothers, Conflict of Heroes and the upcoming Fire Team – Red Eclipse. With a stable as illustrious as that, the team has definitely set the bar high.

Being in command of troops in battle is never a cut and dried exercise, you’re repeatedly forced to weigh the scales between your mission and your men. Burden of Command intends to test your resolve as a leader, not only in the mission’s success, but in the physical, and even mental survival of your men. All with the intent to impress upon the player the true burden of being a leader, while also providing a challenging gaming experience.

They’ve got a great team in place, with the right experiences and talents to draw from. Read more about it here.

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